Oldroyd Xv 20 Cavity Drainage Membrane
  • Multi-layer technology for superior strength
  • Suitable for applications with high flow rate
  • Easy to apply around corners and details

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Oldroyd Xv 20

Standards & Accreditations


Certificate 00/3733

BS EN 13967

Oldroyd Xv 20 is a large (20 mm) stud-size cavity drainage membrane with applications in waterproofing, drainage, and ground-gas control

Oldroyd Xv 20 benefits from large 20 mm dimension studs providing greater drainage and flow capacity than standard cavity drain membranes. For this reason Oldroyd Xv 20 is ideally suited to civil-engineering applications and the waterproofing of large commercial basements. Typical applications include:

For applications where a lower flow capacity is required, Oldroyd Xv Black (standard stud-size) and Oldroyd Xs (low-profile) should be considered.

Contains 49% Recycled Plastic

Oldroyd Xv 20 contains a minimum of 49% recycled content as defined in section of ISO 14021. Where quality and availability of recycled plastic allows, up to 70% recycled plastic may be used. By utilising Oldroyd’s multi-layer technology this is achieved without any loss of product performance.

Appearance Black, moulded polypropylene membrane incorporating raised studs
Size(s) & Packaging 2 × 15 m roll
Coverage 30 m2
Service Life For the life of the structure in which it is incorporated
Storage Cool, dry conditions

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