Drybase Damp-Proof Coating Range
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Drybase Damp-Proof Coating Range

When it is not possible to protect building materials and interior surfaces from the sources of dampness, like rain penetration or rising damp, it is often beneficial to use a damp-proof membrane or covering to halt its progress. This can protect other vulnerable building materials and create a comfortable environment for the occupants.

The Drybase range of damp-proof coatings are designed to provide the user with solutions to a wide range of dampness issues. From projects in small residential properties through to larger industrial facilities, the Drybase Damp-Proof Coating range can help.

Products in the Range

Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM

A ready to use liquid-applied damp-proof membrane. The easy application is carried out in two coats with a brush or roller. Once applied, it cures to form a flexible and elastic damp-proof membrane. It is ideal for use on damp floors and walls, before the application of floor and wall coverings. It can also be used to isolate embedded timber joists or to act as a barrier to ground gases.

Drybase Flex

Drybase Flex Membrane is a highly durable and flexible membrane for direct application to walls that have been affected by dampness and salt contamination. The fleece lined membrane can be quickly and easily applied to walls using the specially formulated Drybase Flex Adhesive. It can be plastered onto directly creating a versatile solution to the problem of damp walls, when it is not possible to stop the damp at its source.

Drybase Tanking Range

The Drybase Tanking Range is a collection of cementitious waterproofing materials. The range is designed to stop moisture ingress on concrete and masonry structures, both above and below ground. Drybase Tanking Slurry is for waterproofing concrete and masonry, Drybase Crystalline active provides high-coverage waterproofing for new and old concrete and Drybase Universal Mortar provides high-build abrasion-resistant waterproofing.

A hard-wearing and stain-resistant floor coating that is supplied as a two-part water-dispersed epoxy resin. It is applied in two coats using a brush or roller. ECS Epoxy Floor Coating is ideal for use as a final surface in light industrial factory areas, warehouses, storage areas and garages. The coating is damp-resistant, stain-resistant and is able to withstand foot and light vehicle traffic.

A two-part water-dispersed epoxy resin, similar in form and application method to ECS Epoxy Floor Coating, with enhanced chemical resistance characteristics. It is applied in two coats using a brush or roller. Once cured, the chemically-resistant coating is ideal for use on floors and walls in industrial production facilities, laboratories or as a bund lining coating.

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