Vandex Construction Joint Tape
  • Waterproofs construction joints
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Crack-bridging properties
  • Apply even in damp conditions
  • Suitable for concrete and brick walls

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Drybase Construction Joint Tape

Applying Vandex Construction Joint Tape

Drybase Construction Joint Tape, in combination with Drybase Elasticised Tanking Slurry, forms a durable waterproof seal for construction joints and cracks.

Drybase Construction Joint Tape is a synthetic rubber strip, approximately 0.8 mm thick. It is covered on both sides with an alkali-resistant and flexible polyester fabric mat, which forms a web on the edges.

The tape’s exceptional elasticity is maintained due to the robust adhesion of the fabric mat and synthetic rubber, which combine to form a strong bond with the concrete surface.

Drybase Construction joint tape is resistant to hydrostatic pressure:

  • on the positive side
  • on the negative side with appropriate support

Application Layers


Apply Drybase Construction Tape with the following steps:

  1. Apply the first coat of Drybase Elasticiser
  2. As soon as the Drybase Elasticised Tanking Slurry coat is applied, promptly install the Drybase® Construction Joint Tape. Next, embed the fabric edges into the Drybase® EL3 mix.
  3. OvercoatDrybase Construction Joint Tape withDrybase Elasticised Tanking Slurry. Even out the surface using a damp brush.

Benefits of using Vandex Construction Joint Tape include:

  • Tested for joint openings up to 5 mm
  • Can be applied on a damp substrate
  • Resistant to hydrostatic pressure.
  • Permanently flexible

Movement / Expansion Joints

Where movement or expansion joints need to be covered, Vandex Flextape should be used.

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