Drybase Universal Mortar
  • For concrete, masonry and render
  • Time-saving high-build tanking slurry
  • High resistance to abrasion

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Drybase Universal Mortar

Standards & Accreditations

BS EN 1504-3

Drybase Universal Mortar is a high-build waterproofing mortar for use on concrete and masonry surfaces. It is applied by trowel or spray and a layer thickness of 6 – 12 mm can be achieved on either horizontal or vertical surfaces. The cured mortar is highly resistant to physical abrasion and is highly resistant to water pressure. Typical applications for Drybase Universal Mortar include:

Drybase Universal Mortar being used to create a construction joint fillet

Drybase Universal Mortar is ideal for use as a fillet on floor/wall junctions

  • Basement conversions / refurbishment
  • Tunnel refurbishment
  • Lift pit waterproofing
  • Swimming pool repair and waterproofing

Drybase Universal Mortar is often used to make localised repairs to masonry or to provide a flush surface on brickwork before the application of other Drybase products such as Drybase Tanking Slurry. When used in this way, it can drastically improve the “primary resistance” of masonry in basement structures prior to the installation of a cavity drainage system such as Oldroyd Xv – assisting compliance with BS 8102.

Fast Performance for Small Jobs

Drybase Universal Mortar being spray applied to a birck wall

One of the main advantages of Drybase Universal Mortar is the ability to build-out the layer thickness up to 6 – 12 mm during application. This enables it to be used as a single-coat tanking slurry, enabling the completion of small tanking jobs (e.g. lift pits) in just a single day.

The single-coat application of Drybase Universal mortar can also provide contractors with time savings on large contracts where the tanking needs to be spray applied.

Versatility and High-Build Stability

A high-build coat of Drybase Universal Mortar

Once cured, Drybase Universal Mortar is highly resistant to abrasion and de-icing salt. It is also resistant to frost whilst remaining vapour-permeable. This makes it ideal for both inside and outside application or in areas that are subject to mechanical wear.

This hard-wearing stability means that Drybase Universal Mortar is often used as a fillet on floor/wall junctions to provide a continuous application surface for Drybase Tanking Slurry.

For more information call
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