• Increases time to condensation by 2 to 3 times
  • Thermal effect makes surface warmer to the touch
  • Preservative surface effect discourages mould growth

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Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint

It’s a common problem for many but condensation and the associated mould growth can cause all kinds of issues for property owners and building occupants, including material decay, damp or musty odours and the possible exacerbation of health issues.

Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint has been developed to reduce condensation and mould growth on interior walls. The paint is simply applied to clean and debris-free surfaces using a standard paintbrush or roller, as per standard decorating practice.

Glass Microsphere Technology

Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint contains glass microspheres

Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint contains glass microspheres. These small engineered glass bubbles create stable voids within the paint which means it has lower thermal conductivity and higher infra-red reflectivity compared to a standard trade emulsion. It also has a breathable open pore structure that allows water vapour to pass through.

3-in-1 Action Against Condensation

Testing has shown that Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint increases time-to-condensation by 2 to 3 times when compared with the surfaces painted with a standard trade emulsion paint. This means that walls can withstand longer periods of high-humidity without forming surface condensation and creating the conditions for mould growth.

Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint achieves this performance through a 3-in-1 mechanism:

Moisture Buffering

The open-pore structure of anti-condensation paint means moisture does not easily form on the decorative surface

Preservative Surface Effect

The preservatives contained within the paint discourage the growth of mould

Thermal Effect

The microsphere technology has a thermal effect that causes the painted surface to be warmer to the touch

Compatible with the Full Anti-Condensation Range

Dryzone Mould Removal and Prevention Kit

Dryzone Anti-Condensation Paint can be applied as a final finish to walls treated with Stormdry EP-Board thinline insulation boards.

Dryzone Mould Removal & Prevention Kit is the ideal way to prepare walls for the application of Dryzone Anti-Condensation paint.

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