• Easy to use
  • Kills the queen. Kills the nest.
  • Fully enclosed design for indoor & outdoor use
  • Gel bait stays fresh

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NOPE! Ant Killer Bait Stations

The unique gel formulation of NOPE! Ant Killer Bait Stations contains an insect growth regulator and a systematic insecticide. 

Once the bait is picked up by worker ants in and around the home, they get to work feeding larvae, fellow ants and the queen.

The bait works to regulate ant growth, stopping the colony from growing and putting an end to ant problems!

For more information about ants, here’s how to get rid of Ants in the home and garden.

Snap. Squeeze. Set.

Simply snap off the top, squeeze the pouch and set the bait station at an ant accessible location. Ants will venture inside the bait station and grab the sticky sweet bait inside. 

The delayed dual-action formula doesn’t get to work until the bait has been distributed among the colony for maximum efficacy. Without the queen, the entire colony soon falls.

When the bait is gone, simply throw away the empty station. No mess. No fuss.

Better than a deterrent

Ant powders that kill on contact deal with the worker ants foraging for food on your property, but do nothing to tackle the colony. Ant nests are usually located outside of the home, buried underground in a complex tunnel system with thousands of inhabitants. 

Worker ants in the home can sometimes be tracked back to the hive, but this is not always possible.

With NOPE! Ant Killer Bait Stations, the colony can be treated without knowing where it hides. Let the worker ants do the work for you.

For more information call
01403 210204