NOPE! Clothes Moth Trap x 6 box and traps.
  • Stain and scent-free - safe for clothes
  • Hang or set - for wardrobes, drawers and floors
  • Pet & child-safe - poison-free formula
  • Easy to use and replace
  • Track infestations & break the moth breeding cycle

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NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps

Moths. They’re hairy and they eat your clothes. Save time spent running around the house with a net or a rolled-up newspaper by saying NOPE! with our sticky Clothes Moth Traps.

In a warming climate with modern central heating systems and insulated homes, moths are becoming more and more common between February and September.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps use natural pheromone technology to draw out and capture male clothing moths from their hiding places – breaking the moth lifecycle in your home.

Get NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps (x6) from Safeguard Store – enough to tackle a whole home infestation.

Help! I can’t see any moths but my jumpers have holes.

Nope! Clothes Moth Traps target the Common Clothes Moth.

Unlike the cliché suggests, common clothes moths avoid light and prefer to dwell in darkness. Without emptying your wardrobes and drawers, especially at the start of infestations, you might not know that you have a moth infestation at all.

Moth Males, Females and Larvae bury themselves in piles of clothes, carpets and even open cereal boxes. Moth larvae feed on keratin, a protein found in organic fibres like hair, wood and cotton.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps tempt Adult Male Clothes Moths out into the open.

You’ll finally have an accurate picture of just how many moths you have in your home – time for the NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray to eliminate the females and larvae.


  • Be aware! It may seem like there are increased amounts of moths immediately after you’ve set the trap. This means the trap is working as intended! With the males successfully caught, female clothes moths will flee the scene.

How do pheromone moth monitoring traps work?

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps contain a sticky adhesive to trap male clothes moths.

Pheromone moth traps are an attractant form of monitoring moth control. That means they use bait to lure insects in to dispose of them.

In this case, female moth pheromones impregnated in the sticky floor of the trap tricks male moths into thinking they might make some new friends. Instead, they buy a one-way ticket.

The wide open space helps you to monitor how many moths you catch, giving you an idea of how many females and larvae might still be hiding somewhere in your home.



Set and forget – make moth monitoring manageable

3-steps to set up NOPE! Clothes Moth Monitoring Traps

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are quick and easy to set up:

  1. Place the trap on a flat surface & remove the protective sheet
  2. Fold the left & right panels upward along the creased lines
  3. Clip together and lock the tab into the slot

The wide surface area makes NOPE! Moth Traps stable on flat surfaces. Place on tables, floors, bedside tables and inside drawers.

The specially designed circular hanger is versatile. It fits:

  • Wardrobe clothes rails
  • Staircase bannister rails
  • Bed frames
  • Drying racks
  • and more

Attracts the Common Clothes Moth

More than one moth species dwells in UK homes. NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are specially formulated to attract the most common variety of UK Moth: the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola Bisselliella).

Whilst our Monitoring Traps are specially formulated for Common Clothes Moths, they may also work on (with decreased efficacy):

  • Case-Bearing Moth (Tinea Pellionella or sometimes called the Common Carpet Moth)
  • Pale-Backed Clothes Moth (Monopis Crocicapitella)

Say NOPE! with our expanded pest control range

NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray used in an empty cupboard to to protect against moth infestation.

Once male moths have been lured in by the sticky pheromones, larvae production will stop and the remaining females will fly away.

NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps are intended to be used with NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray as part of a wider pest control strategy.

In areas of suspected infestation, always ensure that all clothes, furnishings and other fabric articles (like plush toys) are removed, thoroughly vacuumed and washed on a high heat. Visually monitor areas of known infestation for signs of moth activity: frayed or holed fabrics, moth eggs, casings or bodies.

Get NOPE! Clothes Moth Traps (x6) from Safeguard Store.

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