• Kills on contact
  • 3 months protection
  • Solvent and stain-free
  • HSE-approved

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NOPE! CP Insect Sprays

NOPE targets a wide range of UK insects

NOPE! CP Killer Sprays protect your household from most common UK insects. Its triple-action formula sanitises surfaces, eliminates pests and protects the home from future infestation with long-lasting residual action.

Cypermethrin, the active ingredient in NOPE! CP Sprays, is derived from a natural pesticide found in the Chrysanthemum plant. It is a potent insecticide that can be safely deployed around the home.

From Clothes Moths hiding in closets and cupboards to Carpet Beetle Larvae embedded in carpets, NOPE! CP is fully registered by the Health & Safety Executive for home use (No. 10815). 

Clothes Moths

The Common Clothes Moth life cycle begins with 1mm long larvae. These hungry wrigglers burrow themselves into clothes and soft furnishings, where they feast on fibres until they mature into fully-grown Moths.

Stop these pests destroying your valuable clothes, craft materials and furnishings with NOPE! CP Moth Killer Spray. Apply to soft furnishings, cupboards and drawers as part of a moth control strategy. 


Ant colonies contain thousands of ants, so an infestation can seem like a full-blown invasion! Worker ants leave the colony to forage for food, which is why they end up trespassing in your kitchen. They’re attracted to crumbs, pools of water and anything sugary. 

Apply NOPE! CP Ant Killer Spray to ant exit and entrance points. Its active ingredient kills on contact and lasts on surfaces, keeping your home ant-free. It works on all common UK Ant types, including the Black Garden Ants, Argentine Ants and Pharaoh Ants.

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Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetle larvae sustain themselves on a similar diet to Clothes Moth larvae. Where moth fibre damage can seem scatter-shot and spread around the house, Carpet Beetles usually aggregate in a single area – the carpet.

There are three main types of Carpet Beetle found in the UK – the Varied, the Two-Spot and the Brown. NOPE! CP Carpet Beetle Killer is effective on all three types. It is applied directly to carpets and areas suffering from carpet beetles. For best results, vacuum and wash all infested furnishings. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs make their homes in mattresses, bed frames, clothes and soft furnishings and furniture. These blood-suckers feed on humans and cause clusters of small red bites.

When dealing with bed bugs, it is important to plan a comprehensive pest control strategy. As part of a wider cleaning regime, NOPE! CP Bed Bug Killer can be applied to mattresses, furnishings and furniture to eradicate living bed bugs and prevent re-infestation.

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Fleas are most known for targeting dogs and cats, but they affect humans too. Although adult fleas live primarily on living hosts, their eggs and larvae hide in soft, warm areas. You can often spot them leaping about in furnishings and carpets. They can’t fly, but they can jump up to 200 times their own length!

Spray NOPE! CP Flea Killer in soft, warm environments to eliminate and protect against fleas around the home. Vacuum all affected areas before & after treatment. NOPE! CP is not a pet treatment – ask a vet for advice on eliminating fleas on pets.


These wriggly creatures come out at night and feed on anything starchy. While Silverfish will happily munch on open containers of flour or pasta, they are best known for making meals out of books and loose pieces of paper. 

NOPE! CP Silverfish Killer can be sprayed on bookcases, in wall cracks and crevices. Protect your book collection and important records with this long-lasting solution to Silverfish infestation.

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Cockroaches are infamous for their bacteria-spreading properties. Cockroach infestations are immediately noticeable due to their size and distinctive scent. They seek out sources of food and water, so can often be found in bathrooms and behind refrigerators.

NOPE! CP Cockroach Killer contains a disinfectant to neutralise areas where cockroaches roam. Combined with its long-lasting residual action, NOPE! CP is an effective pest control spray suitable for common UK cockroach types such as the American Cockroach, the German Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach.


Spiders lurk in corners, blocking CCTV with their webs and making baths uninhabitable. They like quiet, low-light areas and moderate Autumn temperatures – the perfect conditions for an October scare! Each egg sac contains 100 eggs on average, which means homes can easily become overrun.

NOPE CP Spider Killer Spray kills on contact, sanitises surfaces against harmful bacteria and leaves a non-staining and odourless barrier. It can be used directly on webs to deter spiders 

Appearance Pale yellow liquid
Recipe Type Water-based
Size(s) & Packaging 500 ml spray bottles
Coverage 10 to 20 m2 per 500 ml pack. Apply 25 to 50 ml of product per m2 of surface
Storage Store in a cool, dry place, protect from frost. Keep the container tightly closed.
HSE. No 10815
Shelf Life 12 months

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