ProBor 10
  • Dual Purpose
  • Superior Penetration
  • Low Odour Formulation

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ProBor 10 Wood Preservative Liquid

ProBor 10 is a liquid wood-preservative based on boron, a naturally occurring mineral with a long history of use. It is supplied ready-for-use in 5 litre and 25 litre jerry cans.

ProBor 10 has an active ingredient content of 10% and can be applied by brush or spray. It is suitable for the treatment of woodworm in all dry timbers and as part of a dry rot and wet rot control strategy in smaller dimension timbers (up to 19 mm × 38 mm). For the treatment of dry rot and wet rot in larger dimension timbers, ProBor 20 or ProBor 50 should be used.

  • Dual Purpose – Approved for use as a woodworm treatment and as a dry / wet rot treatment.
  • Superior Penetration – Penetrates more deeply into timber than conventional wood preservatives.
  • Low Odour Formulation – Fewer complaints.

Full details about ProBor 10 can be found in the ProBor 10 datasheet which can be downloaded from this page. A 19-page guide, Dry Rot & its Control can also be downloaded.

Appearance Clear liquid
Size(s) & Packaging 5 litre and 25 litre jerry cans
Brush or Spray Apply 1 litre per 3 - 4 m2 of timber
Dip Dip wood for at least 3 minutes
Storage Store above 10°C in dry conditions in original container. If the temperature falls below 10°C there is a risk that crystals may form in the product. If this occurs, the product should not be used. Store in a safe place, keep out of reach of children. Keep away from food, drink and animal feedstuffs.
Shelf Life 12 months
HSE Number 9404
Re-entry Time 48 hours or until surfaces are dry

For more information call
01403 210204