ProBor 50
  • Dual Purpose
  • Excellent Penetration
  • High Strength

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ProBor 50 Wood Preservative Paste

ProBor 50

ProBor 50 is a ready-for-use wood preservative paste based on boron, a naturally occurring mineral with a long history of use. It is supplied in a 400 ml cartridge for use with a standard mastic gun. ProBor 50 is designed to be injected into timber. It can also be applied to the surface of timber, although it should be noted that a white deposit will be left.

ProBor 50 is commonly used as a wood preservative when treating large dimension timbers. It is injected into timber via pre-drilled holes, thus ensuring complete distribution of the active ingredient deep within the wood. In general 10 mm holes spaced no more than 150 mm apart are recommended. The number of holes should be adjusted to give a product loading of 5.9 litres per cubic metre.

Other common areas of application include the treatment of joist ends and wooden window frames.

  • Dual Purpose – Approved for use as a woodworm treatment, dry / wet rot treatment.
  • Excellent Penetration – High level of active ingredient, gel formulation, and boron active ingredient combine to provide excellent penetration into timber.
  • Replaces Boron Rods – Better diffusion into timber – effective at lower moisture levels.
  • Low Odour Formulation – Fewer complaints.
  • High Strength – Highest strength formulation in the ProBor range.

ProBor 50 replaces dated boron rod technology. Diffusion of ProBor 50 starts well below the 18 – 22% moisture level where wood becomes suscepible to dry rot. Boron rods do not start to diffuse until a moisture content of more than 30% is reached.

Full details about ProBor 50 Paste and other wood preservatives in our range are contained in the ProBor datasheet which can be downloaded from this page. A 19-page guide, Dry Rot & its Control can also be downloaded.

Appearance Clear liquid
Size(s) & Packaging 400 ml cartridges
Coverage Apply 1 litre per 2 - 3 m2 of timber
Storage Store above 10°C in dry conditions in original container. If the temperature falls below 10°C there is a risk that crystals may form in the product. If this occurs, the product should not be used. Store in a safe place, keep out of reach of children. Keep away from food, drink and animal feedstuffs.
Shelf Life 12 months
HSE Number 9496
Re-entry Time 48 hours or until surfaces are dry

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