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Protimeter Moisture Meters

A protimeter being used to test the amount of moisture in the wall

When used properly, electronic moisture meters are an essential tool for any surveyor involved in the diagnosis of damp and moisture related problems in buildings.

Although electronic moisture meters are often criticised for their inability to quantitatively measure the moisture content of mineral-based building materials such as masonry, the pattern of readings that they can provide (e.g. when a profile of readings is taken every 10 cm up a wall) gives useful clues about likely sources of dampness. Further information about typical patterns of moisture meter readings can be found in our free guide to Rising Damp & its Control, which can be downloaded for free on the ‘downloads’ tab of this page.

It should also be remembered that electronic moisture meters have the huge advantage of being non-destructive – i.e. drill samples do not have to be taken in order for readings to be taken.

Safeguard supply the Protimeter range of electronic moisture meters. These are not the cheapest models on the market, but they have always been the most popular brand among surveyors due to their high build quality and reliability. A further advantage is their ability to provide quantitative moisture readings for many species of wood when used in conjunction with the Protimeter calibration table for wood (downloadable below).

Protimeter Mini Moisture Meter

Protimeter Mini

The Protimeter Mini is a resistance-type moisture meter that gives a reading when the pins are pushed into the substrate. It is supplied with an extension pin probe for taking readings in awkward positions as well as a calibration-check tool.

Protimeter Surveymaster SM

Protimeter Surveymaster

The Protimeter Surveymaster SM benefits from all the features of the Protimeter Mini, but also has a RF-based “search mode”. This mode allows readings to be taken without the need to push pins into the substrate – providing an even less destructive surveying method than traditional resistance type moisture meters. The search mode also allows readings to be taken below the surface of the substrate.

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