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Roxil Landscaping Range

Garden Weatherproofing & Maintenance

The garden is a place of pride for many homeowners. It is a place of self-expression, where home owners and renters make their dream outside environments from timber. The Roxil Landscaping Range has been developed to keep these building materials and structures in tip-top condition. Protect wooden decks, patios, sheds and all types of timber with comprehensive waterproofing and biocidal protection.

Instant weatherproofing for wood with just one coat

Patio protection with reduced mould & algae growth

Powerful non-destructive cleaning of mould & algae

Wood preservative and stain in 7 beautiful shades

Waterproof, nourish and protect with advanced UV protection.

Revive weathered wood with this naturally-derived cleaning scrub

Longer Material Life & Reduced Maintenance Effort

Roxil Wood Protection Cream and Roxil Patio Cream are high performance silicone-based coatings that extend the effective lifetime of wooden structures and paving materials by keeping them dry. Roxil-treated materials stay cleaner for longer and resist degradation. Any surface mould & algae growth can be easily removed with Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaners.

Protection for every garden with the Roxil Landscaping range

A picturesque Garden on a sunny day with decking

Whether you’re a serious gardener or a chilled-out nature lover, you need timber that can weather any storm. Roxil Protection Cream and Roxil Protection Liquid are versatile. They provide powerful waterproofing protection for any and all garden timber.

The Roxil Protection range can be applied on items as small as a broom handle or as large as a barn. The ability to spray Roxil Protection Liquid makes it perfect for large-scale applications.

Roxil Protection Cream provides maximum waterproofing protection in brushable form. Tell me the benefits of waterproofing wood treatments in the garden. 

With Roxil Preservers, Protection Cream and Liquid, protect:

  • Wooden decking boards
  • Wooden chairs and tables
  • Wooden fences
  • Wooden sheds, garden offices and children’s play houses
  • Other wooden structures like trellis fences, gazebos and pergolas

Biological growth takes many forms. The atmosphere around us is thick with invisible fungal spores. Most of these are harmless to humans. The fungi responsible for wet and dry rot circulate in the air, waiting for the perfect combination of conditions to settle and start to grow mould colonies:

  1. Moisture from condensation, water sources or rainfall
  2. Nutrients in wood
  3. A temperature of around 23°C

Roxil Wood Preserver is the underlying layer of defence against wood rot and woodworm. When spores settle on a Roxil-treated surface, the active ingredients get to work to make timber an inhospitable environment for biological growth. It stops the woodworm lifecycle in its tracks, making it impossible to establish an infestation on timber. Simply apply 2 or 3 coats with a brush and wait 24 hours to dry.

Roxil Wood Preserver is certified to British Standard EN 46, 118 and 113 for preventative protection against common UK wood-boring beetles and white and brown rot.

With Roxil Patio Cream, waterproof and protect:

  • Masonry
  • Patios
  • Paving slabs
  • Flagstones
  • Block paving

Algae and moss love growing on these surfaces. But these growths aren’t just eyesores. They can be serious slip hazards.

Roxil Patio Cream‘s powerful waterproofing formulation makes your patio resistant to moisture ingress. Algae and moss cannot grow without moisture, so your patio remains beautifully slip-free.

Preserving the personality of timber

Roxil Coloured Wood Stain Preserver application on timber

Each board of timber is a unique piece of artwork. Every piece has its own grain pattern and unique imperfections that give it personality and life.

The Roxil range preserves the natural qualities of outside timber. Opaque finishes feature across the range. Enjoy wood for the reasons you chose it, safe in the knowledge that it’s protected.

Roxil Wood Protection Cream and Roxil Wood Preserver both dry to a clear finish. Roxil Wood Stain Coloured Preserver dries to a satin finish in a selection of beautiful garden tones.

Protect against all threats

Outdoor wood is vulnerable to many outside threats.

    1. UV radiation from the sun’s rays
    2. Heat damage
    3. Frost damage
    4. Moisture damage from condensation, rain and the ground
    5. Biological threats like woodworm, wet and dry rot, algae and moss

    Each product in the Roxil range is formulated to protect against the outside forces threatening your garden furniture and buildings.

    Roxil Combination Protection

    Roxil Coloured Stain Preserver and Roxil Wood Protection Cream can be used to protect against biological growth and water damage. Learn about Roxil Combination Protection.

    Scientifically Developed

    The Roxil landscaping range was painstakingly developed and tested by the Safeguard research and development laboratory. We have a dedicated team of qualified research and development scientists. Safeguard Europe has over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the construction industry so you can be sure of the Roxil range’s superior performance.

    Manufactured in the UK

    All products in the Roxil landscaping range are manufactured by Safeguard Europe Ltd at our UK production facility in West Sussex. This means we have complete control over the high quality of our products, ensuring that you get the same consistent result with every Roxil product.

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