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Roxil Landscaping Range

Garden Weatherproofing & Maintenance

A garden is a place of pride for many homeowners. It is a place of self-expression, often utilising a wide variety of different building materials and structures. The Roxil Landscaping Range has been developed to help keep these materials and structures in tip-top condition.

Longer Material Life & Reduced Maintenance Effort

Roxil Wood Protection Cream and Roxil Patio Cream are high-performance silicone-based coatings that extend the effective lifetime of wooden structures and paving materials by keeping them dry. Roxil treated materials stay cleaner for longer and resist degradation. Any surface mould & algae growth can be easily removed with Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaners.

Scientifically Developed

The Roxil landscaping range was painstakingly developed and tested by the Safeguard research and development laboratory. We have a dedicated team of qualified research and development scientist. Safeguard has over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the construction industry so you can be sure of the Roxil range’s superior performance.

Manufactured in the UK

All products in the Roxil landscaping range are manufactured by Safeguard Europe Ltd at our UK production facility in West Sussex. This means we have complete control over the high quality of our products, ensuring that you get the same consistent result with every Roxil product.

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