• Revive and enrich wood grain & natural colour
  • Powerful waterproofing
  • UV-resistant to protect against cracking and warping
  • Shields timber from mould, fungi & algae growth
  • Prevents all types of timber deterioration

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Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil enriches, beautifies, maintains and waterproofs tired weathered wooden decking.

It dries to form a waterproof layer that enhances timber’s natural colour and prevents peeling, blistering and flaking. Contains a biocidal additive to prevent mould growth on wood.

Unprotected wood is vulnerable

A gloved hand applies Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil with a brush.

Weather is harsh on wood. The combination of UV sun damage and rain damage has catastrophic effects on timber:

  • Greying and silvering
  • Warping
  • Cracking
  • Peeling
  • Wood rot, algae and mould

Water-damaged decking is almost impossible to repair without replacing the boards outright. Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil prevents degradation by preventing water and moisture from soaking into the decking surface.

Reanimate timber decking

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil is easy to apply by brush.

Natural oils give timber deep colour and unique aesthetic character.

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil penetrates wood to replace natural oils and essential extractives lost through natural weathering. Reintroduce colour and tone lost through tannin oxidization, UV exposure and moisture fluctuations.

Turn back the clock on weathered timber. Restore wooden decking to something you can be proud of with Roxil.




Comprehensive timber protection

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil has powerful water beading capabilities.

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil protects against the three main threats to timber:

  • Rain, liquid and moisture damage
  • UV damage from sunlight exposure
  • Biocidal hazards like mould, algae and rot

2 coats of Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil are all you need to revive tired timber decking and protect it from discolouration.

Easy-to-use oil-based liquid. Apply Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil with a brush or roller.


Quick-acting rain protection

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil penetrates through timber for comprehensive protection

Oil naturally repels water. Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil forms a hard-wearing protective film that absorbs into wood to keep it weatherproof. Water cannot soak into oil-protected timber. 

Rain beads on treated decking.  Water is easier to wipe away and dries quicker naturally than on an untreated deck.






UV filter for anti-fade

Roxil Decking Oil contains UV Protection

Radiation from the sun degrades a vital component in wood that is responsible for its strength and colour.

Timber becomes brittle and discoloured after long periods of UV exposure. Wooden decks in full view of the sun without shade are at high risk of UV radiation damage. 

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil is UV-resistant to protect your deck from harmful radiation and ensure it stays strong and bright in sunlight.





Cleanse biological threats

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil protects against mould, algae and fungi.

Wooden decks are horizontal and close to the ground; they attract lots of biological growth.

Mould, algae and fungal growths make surfaces hazardously slippy. They feed off wood and cause it to break down.

Further rainfall and growth accelerates the damage and exposes wood to woodworm and other biological threats. 

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil contains a unique component for a decking oil — a biocidal film preserver that eradicates biological growth. Get protected from invisible mould, algae and fungal spores that seek to feed off timber and destroy it.



Compatible with an extensive selection of timbers

Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil is recommended for use with:

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Larch
  • Weathered softwoods

Colour enhancement may vary depending on the wood type.

[1] Coverage will vary depending upon the overall porosity of the substrate to be treated.

[2] Based on accelerated QUV aging and good maintenance. Regular maintenance of timber will improve the lifetime of the product.

Appearance Straw-coloured, oil-based liquid
Density 0.9 g/cm3
Size(s) & Packaging 5 litre jerry cans
Coverage 6 m2 per litre [1]
Storage Store in a cool dry place and protect from frost
How will my deck look after application?
Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil dries to a deep, dark and bold shine.
How soon can I use my new deck after application?
Following the second coat application, Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil should be fully dry and rainproof after 24 hours. 
What makes Roxil Decking Oil Enhanced?
Unlike standard decking oils, Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil contains a small amount of biocide which fortifies the layer with extra protection against mould and algae growth.
How do I know if my decking is compatible?
Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil work with all softwoods. It has been specially formulated to work best with cedar, larch, pine and other softwoods.
What kind of maintenance will I need to do?
Roxil Enhanced Decking Oil provides long-lasting weather protection. A simple sweep once a week or so should keep away shoe dirt and fallen leaves. Roxil will protect against the rest!

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