• All-in-one pack
  • Fully stainable and paintable
  • Smooth consistent finish
  • Styrene-free formula
  • 220 cm³ coverage

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Roxil 2-Part Wood Filler

Carry out repairs within one hour with this all-in-one rapid-curing polyester resin wood filler kit. Contains filler, activator, spatula and mixing bowl — everything you need to repair damaged timber. Flexible paste for application to wood holes, cracks and other defects. Roxil 2-part Wood Filler can be planed, carved or sanded for a seamless finish once cured. Results in a stainable and paintable surface for a blemish-free fix. Perfect for repair following a complete rot treatment.

Mould and sand just like real wood in Natural or White colours


Roxil Wood Filler is easy to work with and adheres strongly to wood.

Easily build up multiple layers for large-scale repairs and sand within 30 minutes of application.  

Simple enough for amateur use and strong enough for professional repairs.

Choose Natural to blend into light-coloured woods like maple, ash or pine. Choose white for best results on overpainted surfaces. Both colours are compatible with paint and wood stains.

Drillable crack-resistant & styrene-free filler

Hang photo frames, mirrors and more after repair.

Once cured, Roxil Wood Filler is strong enough to hold screws and nails in place.

Can also be used to repair damaged screw or nail holes.

Competing wood fillers are styrene-based – a carcinogen and environmental hazard. 

Roxil Wood Filler is styrene-free. Manufactured using a vacuum production process that ensures every pack delivers a smooth, air bubble-free material.

Compatible with the Roxil wood protection range

Use Roxil Wood Filler to repair defects and damage in weathered, rot-damaged or reclaimed wood before applying Roxil Wood Protection Cream or Roxil Wood Preserver for a long-lasting waterproof structure.

Please contact our Customer Service and Technical Team for any and all queries related to wood care and repair.
Appearance Available in 2 colours:
White Natural
Size(s) & Mixing ratio 50 parts filler to 1 part hardener by weight
Coverage 400 cm3 as supplied
Adhesion to wood Greater than the cohesive strength of the wood.
Hardening 15 – 20 Minutes @ 20 °C
Mixed density 1.25 g/cm3

For more information call
01403 210204