• Revives the natural appearance of weathered wood
  • Clear away dirt and grime
  • Gel formulation for precise application
  • Primes wood surfaces for finishing coats

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Roxil Wood Scrub Gel

Restore and revive old tables with Roxil Wood Scrub Gel

Turn back time for outdoor furniture, fences and decking with Roxil Wood Scrub Gel—a clear, gel-based cleaner used to cleanse and revive weathered softwood.

Clean away dull, greyed and weathered wood to reveal its original tone, grain pattern and colour. The gel formulation makes it easy to work with and minimises wastage—making sure each tub lasts.

Roxil Wood Scrub Gel is versatile and can be applied to any wooden surface or structure. Perfect as part of the restoring and upcycling process for wooden decking, sheds and garden furniture.

Refresh & Revive

Roxil Wood Scrub Gel Site Brush Application

Roxil Wood Scrub Gel harnesses the powerful biodegradable properties of oxalic acid, a natural compound found in leafy vegetables like spinach, rhubarb and kale. 

This eco-friendly natural cleanser breathes new life into worn-out wood. It washes away damage and revives the original colour of outdoor timber.

Now that your wood is back to day 0, get preserving and protecting with the Preserve and Protect products in the Roxil Landscaping Range.

Drip-Free Anti-Dirt Gel

Roxil Wood Scrub brush detail

We’ve made the restoration process a breeze with the drip-free Roxil gel formula. A thick consistency ensures precise application to prevent spills and wastage. 

As well as restoring wood back to its original state, the gel traps dirt and grime to carry it away with the final wash. Give timber a deep clean to remove even the most heavily ingrained dirt, mud and general grime. 

Removes old surface stains like wine and coffee spillages.

Available in 1, 3 and 5-litre formats to suit every size project.


Restore To Revive

After you’ve scrubbed your wood back to better days, it’s time to safeguard your restored outdoor timber project for years to come with:

Unlock the full potential of weathered wood with Roxil Wood Scrub Gel and let furniture, decking and more shine again.

1, 2, 3 To Pristine Outdoor Wood

A wooden shed before/after Roxil Wood Scrub Gel application

When embarking on your wood restoration journey, a little preparation goes a long way. Always ensure the wood is weathered, unpainted, and unvarnished. Avoid applying Roxil Wood Scrub Gel if rain is forecast within 24 hours. In areas with heavy biological growth, we recommend removing mould and algae with Roxil 100 Wood & Patio Cleaner before applying Roxil Wood Scrub Gel.

To test compatibility, start with a small area before committing to a full application. Efficacy may vary based on wood species and condition. 

Before applying the gel, dampen the surface with water. Generously coat the wood with Roxil Wood Scrub Gel using a brush or roller, following the direction of the wood grain. Allow the gel to work its magic for an hour (or a minimum of 20 minutes if you’re in a pinch!). With a stiff brush, scrub the wood with water to reveal the fresh surface beneath. Rinse off the surface with lots of water then allow to dry.

Avoid using pressure washers as they can damage the wood. Clean excess gel from the brush with warm soapy water. Once the wood has fully dried, gently sand the surface with fine-grade sandpaper to remove any raised wood grain. Apply light and even pressure for a smooth finish.

For more information call
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