Stormdry Masonry Waterproofing Range
  • Waterproofs masonry
  • Deeply penetrating formula
  • 25 years protection

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Stormdry Masonry Enhancement System

Penetrating damp is a common problem on brick, stone and masonry buildings. Most people become aware of penetrating damp in their property because of damp patches on interior decorating surfaces but it can also be indicated by symptoms such as exterior efflorescence and eroded weather facing surfaces.

Keeping buildings dry is important when it comes to creating a long-lasting, functional and energy efficient space. Studies have proven that saturated brick, stone and masonry, can have up to 50% worse thermal resistance than dry materials. Saturated structures can also suffer material decay, rot and mould growth.

The Stormdry Masonry Protection Range has been designed to stop moisture penetration through exterior weather-facing walls on buildings. There are three main stages to solving penetrating damp issues using the Stormdry range; Prepare, Protect and Enhance.

Prepare your walls

Repointing & Patch Repair

It is often necessary to repoint a wall and fill cracks before dealing with rain penetration. Over time, pointing mortar can shrink and degrade, creating small cracks between the pointing and the brickwork or stonework. Our laboratory tests show that, when this happens, it can drastically exacerbate penetrating damp. Our Stormdry Repointing Additives and Express Repair Mortar are specifically designed to create long lasting fixes for defective mortar and cracks.

Ideal for large areas of repointing, Stormdry Repointing Additives are liquid additives for addition to mortar mixes that are going to be used for repointing walls. Stormdry Repointing Additive No.1 will give mortar improved moisture resistance and flexibility for reduced shrinkage. Stormdry Repointing Additive No.2 provides even more moisture resistance and is ideal for walls that are to be waterproofed as part of a flood resistance system.

Stormdry XR Mortar is a quick-setting pre-mixed repair mortar for fixing small cracks, defects and isolated areas of pointing on walls. It comes pre-packaged in a 310ml mastic cartridge for direct application to damaged areas of masonry using the supplied nozzle and a mastic gun. The excellent adhesion and flexibility of the mortar allows it to fix cracks of up to 15mm with a drying time of only 4 hours.

Protect your walls

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream is a paintable silicone cream emulsion that waterproofs brick, stone, concrete and masonry for a BBA approved 25 years. Just a single coat application with a brush, roller or sprayer is required to create a breathable barrier to penetrating damp. The treated surface will also return back to its natural appearance, with no colour or texture change after the treatment has cured.

By keeping walls dry, Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream enables building materials to operate at their optimum insulation performance. For example, a wet fletton brick loses heat approximately twice as fast a dry one.

Enhance your walls

Stormdry EP Board – Energy Performance Board

Stormdry EP Board is a high-performance thin-line internal insulation board. The 3 mm magnesium oxide plasterboard is lined with an advanced 10 mm aerogel blanket. The breathable internal wall insulation board provides up to 61% U-value reduction and allows for further energy bill savings on walls already treated with Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream.

Stormdry MAX

For buildings in extreme weather areas and buildings that experience vandalism, Stormdry MAX can be applied as a top-coat for Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream. The semi-gloss coating provides an extra level of protection on walls with multiple cracks of up to 0.6 mm width, enhanced waterproofing capability for low-level flooding and an anti-graffiti coating for up to 15 wash cycles.

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