Stormdry EP Board
  • High insulation performance with minimal loss of space
  • Quick and easy installation procedure
  • Move U-value of a solid wall from 2.1 to 0.8

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Stormdry EP Board

High-performance low-profile aerogel internal insulation board

EPC Raring LEgal Rental Limit

EPC Rental law change

Current property rental regulations in the UK denote that only properties with an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of E or above are legally permitted to rent to tenants. Many older solid-walled properties in the housing stock are now no longer legal for landlords to put up to rent.

Stormdry energy performance board layers

Low profile insulation innovation

The Stormdry System has come to the rescue of landlords and property owners everywhere with Stormdry EP Board, the high-performance low-profile aerogel internal wall insulation board. The 3 mm magnesium oxide plasterboard is lined with a 10 mm aerogel blanket that gives the board a high thermal resistance despite its 13 mm overall thickness. The board is also breathable, minimising problems with trapped moisture and interstitial condensation.

Stormdry EP - Layer Application

Fast, easy and efficient

The installation is quick and easy to carry out. Stormdry EP Board is applied directly to walls using Stormdry EP Foam Adhesive. Once applied, skim plastering and decoration can be carried out using standard techniques. Calculations show that a successful application of the insulating board can provide a U-value reduction of up to 61% on a typical uninsulated solid wall, greatly reducing heat loss.

Stormdry EP-Board reduces heat loss through walls.

Save heat and energy, reduce U-values

If Stormdry EP Board is applied on a previously damp solid wall that has been treated with Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream, an even bigger improvement in insulation performance and energy bill savings can be made. When used in combination the U-value of a solid wall in moved from 2.1 to 0.8 contributing to any upgrades in the properties EPC rating.

Appearance Aerogel and MgO board
Thickness 13 mm
Weight 2.775 kg per board
Size(s) & Packaging 1.2 × 0.6 m boards
Thermal Conductivity Aerogel: 0.015 W/mK MgO Board: 0.19 W/mK
Fire Resistance Aerogel: Class C s1, d0 MgO Board: Class A1
Vapour Resistance Aerogel: Sd 0.05 m (mu = 5) MgO Board: Sd 0.062 m (mu = 20.7)
Storage Protect from frost
Shelf Life 12 months in unopened pack
Minimum Application Temperature 5 °C

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