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  • Repairs cracks and holes of up to 15 mm width
  • Excellent adhesion and water resistance
  • Pre-mixed and ready for application

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Stormdry XR Mortar

Quick and easy water-resistant patch repair for small damaged areas of walls and pointing.

Stormdry XR - Express Repair Mortar

Stormdry XR Mortar – Express Repair Mortar is a pre-mixed patch repair mortar. It comes packaged in a 310 ml mastic cartridge and is designed for direct application to walls via mastic gun. Stormdry XR Mortar is ideal for repairing cracks, damaged pointing or holes in walls up to 15 mm in width. The excellent adhesion and quick drying time make it more convenient for isolated patch repairs than gauging and mixing small batches of mortar.

Stormdry XR Mortar Finish

As part of the Stormdry range, XR Mortar is an ideal way to fix isolated wall defects in preparation for the application of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream. The quick-drying formula of Stormdry XR Mortar means that it is possible to do patch repairs and then apply the Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream after just 4 hours.

This versatile mortar is also safe to use on both interior and exterior surface environments, making it ideal for all kinds of repairs, including plugging holes drilled for chemical DPC installation.

Stormdry XR Mortar is only suitable for small localised areas and not for whole wall repointing.

[1]  With primer application based on accelerated QUV aging.

[2]  The coverage will vary depending upon the overall porosity of the substrate to be treated.

Appearance Sand coloured mortar
Size(s) & Packaging 310 ml cartridge
Coverage 300 cm3 or 100 DPC injection holes
Storage Protect from frost
Shelf Life 12 months in unopened pack
Minimum Application Temperature 5 °C

For more information call
01403 210204