Vandex BB75 E
  • High performance elasticiser for BB75
  • Suitable for areas of potential cracking
  • Tested up to 7 bar

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Vandex BB75 E

Standards & Accreditations

BS EN 1504-2

Vandex BB75 E is an elasticised waterproofing slurry formed by mixing Vandex BB75 (dry component) with Vandex PK75 (liquid acrylic polymer).

The polymer provides elasticity and enhanced crack-bridging properties to the waterproof coating, which has been tested to 7 bar (70 meter head of water). Areas of application include:

  • Wall-floor junctions in basement conversion projects
  • Surface waterproofing (on internal or external walls)
  • Areas experiencing cracking (e.g. construction joints)
  • Areas where cracks and small deformations can occur (e.g. in tunnels and shafts)

There is good compatibility between Vandex BB75 and Vandex BB75 E. The initial and final bond of the Vandex BB75 E with most sound surfaces is excellent, making it suitable for manual (trowel) or mechanical (spray) application, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Vandex BB75 E is used as an adhesive for Vandex Construction Joint Tape.

Suggested NBS specification clause: J10-110

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