Vandex Flextape
  • Permanent, flexible waterproof seal
  • Thermal welding ensures secure watertight joints
  • One-component adhesive (Uniflex NV)

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Vandex Flextape

The Vandex Flextape system, comprising Vandex Flextape and Vandex Uniflex NV adhesive, bridges and seals expansion / construction joints, as well as cracks in concrete structures.

Vandex Flextape is manufactured from a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Extremely durable, it has excellent resistance to weathering and is UV and chemically stable. The bond to the substrate is made using Vandex Flextape (2-component) Adhesive or Vandex Uniflex NV adhesive (1-component)

Application Layers

How to apply Vandex Flextape properly

Vandex Flextape is applied as follows:

  1. A bed of Vandex Uniflex NV adhesive is applied in a strip at least 20 cm wide over the construction joint.
  2. Vandex Flextape is rolled out over the Uniflex NV (as shown in the picture).
  3. A final coat of Vandex Uniflex NV is then applied over the Vandex Flextape. Alternatively, a layer of mechanical protection can be used where added protection is needed.

Three types of Vandex Flextape are available, differing in width and thickness. The maximum permissible expansion under continuous load depends on the thickness of the tape and the width of the non-bonded expansion zone:

  • Flextape 200/2 (200 mm × 2 mm) – recommended for movement joints
  • Flextape 200/1 (200 mm × 1 mm) – recommended for cracks & construction joints
  • Flextape 150/1 (150 mm × 1 mm) – recommended for cracks & construction joints

When sealing cracks and construction joints, the use of Vandex Construction Joint Tape should also be considered.

Flextape Application (Construction Joint)

  1. Prepare surface
    Surface preparation.
  2. First coat of adhesive
    Application of first coat of adhesive.
  3. Embed tape in adhesive
    Embedding of tape in adhesive.
  4. Work out trapped air
    Work out trapped air.
  5. Second coat of adhesive
    Application of second coat of adhesive.
  6. Finished construction joint waterproofing
    Finished application of Vandex Flextape to construction joint.

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