Vandex Polycem Z
  • Resistant against aggresive sewage
  • Can be applied internally or externally
  • Exhibits long term durability

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Vandex Polycem Z

Standards & Accreditations

BS EN 1504-2

Vandex Polycem Z is a protective coating specifically designed for use in sewage treatment facilities. It is a two-component, polymer modified formulation consisting of Vandex Polycem (powder component) and Vandex Polycem Liquid.

Vandex Polycem Z is applied to surfaces such as concrete, masonry, and render which require resistance to sewage-related attack. Properties include:

  • Suitable for use in H2S corrosion environment
  • Resistant against aqueous sulphate solutions and liquid manure
  • For internal and external waterproofing
  • Highly resistant to mechnical and abrasive wear

Owing to its composition of cement, specially graded quartz sand, active chemical ingredients and polymer additive, a chemical and abrasive waterproofing layer is achieved. Vandex Polycem Z has been proven to withstand water pressure of 1.5 bar upon full curing of the product.

Vandex Polycem Z has excellent adhesion qualities, allowing the material to be applied onto horizontal and vertical surfaces. It exhibits long term durability against freeze / thaw cycles and de-icing salts. The material is also resistant against aggresive sewage. Vandex Polycem Z is not a decorative material.

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