Vandex Refurbishment Plaster
  • Frost, damp and salt-resistant
  • Suitable for old and new structures
  • Reduces condensation risk

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Vandex Refurbishment Plaster

Standards & Accreditations


Certificate 10/4793

Vandex Refurbishment Plaster provides a durable plaster for damp and salt-contaminated masonry. It is used in conjunction with other Vandex products for the refurbishment of basements, vaults and other old structures. Because of its lime content, Vandex Refurbishment Plaster is ideally suited to plaster refurbishment in old buildings. It is equally suitable for use on damp areas in both new and existing structures.

Vandex Refurbishment Plaster has thermal insulation properties and is effective in reducing or eliminating condensation. It can also be used following the insertion of a DPC.

Surface Preparation

Vandex Refurbishment Plaster is applied onto Vandex Levelling Plaster or Vandex Rough Cast.


Vandex Refurbishment Plaster is normally applied by trowel. However spray application is possible when large areas are to be covered.

Suggested NBS specification clause: M20-42, M20-220

Visit our NBS page for further information on specifying Safeguard products using NBS.

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