Vandex Super / Vandex Super White
  • For concrete, masonry, and render
  • WRAS approved for drinking water structures
  • Allows the concrete to “breathe”

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Standards & Accreditations


Certificate 18/5549

BS EN 1504-2

Try Drybase Crystalline Active Slurry

Drybase Crystalline Active Slurry is a strong and highly resilient cementitious waterproofer for concrete surfaces. Its quartz sand composition contains active ingredients that penetrate deeply into concrete surfaces to provide a robust waterproofing solution in the same 25kg bags as Vandex Super / Super White.

Vandex Super / Super White

Vandex Super is a cement-based waterproofing slurry specifically designed for concrete waterproofing applications. It is mixed with water prior to application by brush or spray. Other waterproofing slurries from the Vandex range such as Vandex BB75 and Vandex Unimortar 1 provide waterproofing solutions for substrates other than concrete.

Because of its high coverage rate, Vandex Super is very economical in use.

When Vandex Super is applied to a concrete surface, the active chemicals combine with the free lime and moisture present in the capilliary tract to form insoluble crystalline complexes. These crystals block the capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks in the concrete to prevent any further water ingress (even under pressure). However the Vandex Super layer will still allow the passage of water vapour through the structure (i.e. the concrete will still be able to “breathe”).

Section of dry concrete wall

Section of dry concrete wall showing the natural free lime and moisture in the capillary system.

Concrete wall exposed to water

The water has forced it’s way into the capillaries, resulting in leaky, damaged concrete.

Vandex crystalline treatment

The reaction between the free lime, moisture and the Vandex chemicals has set in. Chemical complexes are formed, blocking the capillaries.

Watertight concrete

The concrete is now watertight, however water vapour is still allowed to pass. The Vandex chemical complexes remain in the concrete, ready to reactive on contact with water.

In addition to waterproofing the structure, Vandex Super protects concrete against sea water, waste water, aggresive ground water and certain chemical solutions. Vandex Super is approved for use in contact with potable water, and is therefore suitable for the treatment of water storage tanks, reservoirs, water towers, etc…

Vandex Super can be applied to all structurally sound concrete – new or old. It may be applied to either the pressure or non-pressure concrete face (i.e. with or against water pressure).

Vandex Super may be used in conjunction with Vandex Premix. Typical areas of application are:

Note: Vandex Super and Super White are not intended as decorative materials.

Dry Sprinkle Application (Concrete Slabs)

As a waterproofing solution for new concrete slabs, Vandex Super can be applied as a dry powder to wet concrete slabs after the initial set. It is then power-trowelled into the surface – providing in-depth waterproofing of the slab.

Vandex Super White

Vandex Super White is a version of Vandex Super with white cement used as the binding agent (rather than grey Portland cement). It is used as a concrete waterproofer in exactly the same way as Vandex Super, and is often specified where a lighter finish is an advantage – e.g. car parks, drinking water reservoirs.

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