Vandex Unimortar 2
  • For concrete, masonry, and render
  • Resistant to abrasion and de-icing salts
  • Waterproofing and screed in a single product

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Drybase Universal Mortar
Standards & Accreditations

BS EN 1504-3

Try Drybase Universal Mortar

For a high-build, low slump waterproofing repair mortar for horizontal and vertical surfaces, Drybase Universal Mortar is available now. For use on concrete, masonry and natural stonework, Drybase Universal Mortar has a wide range of uses. Use for drinking water structures, wall-floor junction fillets and repairs, levelling and re-profiling. Available in 25kg bags.

Vandex Unimortar 2

Vandex Unimortar 2 is a cementitious, ready-mixed waterproofing and repairing mortar with hydrophobic properties. It is water and moisture-resistant and is intended for use on horizontal surfaces.

Uses for Vandex Unimortar 2 include:

  • Repair mortar
  • Top coat for concrete road surfaces, multistorey / underground car parks, ramps and other concrete surfaces subject to moisture and high abrasion
  • Making fillets at wall / floor junctions

When used as a top coat on horizontal surfaces, Unimortar 2 is applied in layers of 8 to 10 mm in a single working cycle because of its granulometry.

Once cured, Unimortar 2 is resistant to abrasion and de-icing salt, and is capable of taking strong mechanical wear. It is durable, resistant to frost, and vapour permeable. Due to its composition (based on cement and quartz with graded grain-size distribution and special inorganic chemical ingredients) Vandex Unimortar 2 is waterproof (tested up to 7 bar).

For more information call
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