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Wood Preservatives

The introduction of the European Biocidal Products Directive means that our wood preservative product range will be undergoing revision over the next few years. The Directive will restrict the use of certain active ingredients to specific applications (e.g. woodworm treatment, fungicidal treatment for wood, fungicidal treatment for masonry etc…). The products below represent the most popular products in our current wood preservative range:

SoluGuard Wood Preservatives

SoluGuard wood preservatives are based on a range of active ingredients including permethrin, propiconazole, and IPBC. Key products in the range include:

Roxil Wood Preservative

ProBor® Wood Preservatives

ProBor wood preservatives are based on water-soluble borate, a timber preservative that has been extensively researched over the last 50 years. The products in the ProBor range are formulated for use against fungal decay (dry rot, wet rot) and wood-boring insects.

Borates have the distinct advantage of exhibiting superb penetration into damp timber. Hence they can be used in high-risk areas such as embedded joist ends, lintels, wall plates, etc…

The benefits of using ProBor products are well recognised by architects and those in the building restoration industry. They are often specified on high-profile, prestigious projects where re-treatment is not an option. In many situations, the high performance of ProBor products may allow ordinal timbers to be retained that would otherwise have had to be replaced. This is obviously an advantage when treating historic buildings.

The ProBor range consists of four main products:

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