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What Causes Mould and Mildew?


Mould fungi are omnipresent in our environment. For months and even years mould spores can survive in dry environments. When the conditions are right, previously dormant mould spores can start to grow. Mould thrives especially in damp, dark places. Often water leaks and damp problems provide a perfect environment for mould growth on walls.

What Causes Mould and Mildew on Walls?

Mould on walls develops when mould spores hit damp walls. In the right conditions, mould can begin to grow within as little as 24 – 48 hours. Over time a small patch of mould can turn into unsightly, often brown or black spots of mould all over walls. In order to treat mould on walls effectively, the source of dampness has to be found.

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How to Treat Mould and Mildew on Walls

Mould on walls can be a health hazard and the source of the problem should be found and treated as soon as possible. Breathing-in mould spores can lead to respiratory ailments and respiratory infections, as well as allergic reactions. Small spots of mould on interior walls can be a sign of a much larger mould infestation. The area of mould growth should therefore be inspected for further hidden mould growth behind wallpapers and paintwork.

Mould and Mildew on Walls as a Result of Condensation

Condensation can be one of the sources of mould growth on walls. Condensation occurs when water vapour contained in the air condenses on cold surfaces and creates a damp environment, perfect for mould growth.

How to Clean Mould and Mildew

Mould on walls caused by condensation can easily be cleaned with SoluGuard Multi-Surface Biocide. This ready-for-use mixture cleans mould off walls without staining or discolouring the substrate. The product is low in odour and non-flammable, perfect for use indoors.

How to Stop Mould and Mildew

After thoroughly cleaning the mould off walls with SoluGuard Multi-Surface Biocide, walls can be treated with Dryzone Mould-Resistant Emulsion Paint. This mould-resistant paint stops mould growth on walls, even in areas with persistent condensation.

When cured, the paint is fully washable and stops mould growth for at least 5 years.

Mould and Mildew on Walls as a Result of Penetrating Damp

If penetrating damp is the cause of mould, it is not enough to simply clean mould off walls. To stop mould growth caused by penetrating damp, walls have to be sealed from the outside against water ingress. This can be achieved with Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream.

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream is a colourless [1], water-repellent treatment, which is applied directly to the outside of masonry. One coat of Stormdry stops water penetrating brickwork and thus prevents a damp, habitable environment ideal for mould growth.

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Mould and Mildew on Walls as a Result of Rising Damp

One of the symptoms of rising damp is black mould on walls. Again, simply cleaning black mould off walls is not enough to deal with the problem. To eliminate the possibility of mould growth caused by rising damp, the source of dampness has to be stopped.

The Dryzone System offers a full range of products to stop rising damp and treat affected walls. By treating the source of dampness walls can fully dry out, eliminating the possibility of mould caused by rising damp.

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[1] Application of Stormdry Masonry protection Cream may cause some slight darkening to certain substrates. Although this will usually fade over time, a small, representative and inconspicuous test area should always be treated before full treatment begins.

Mould on walls is an unsightly problem in many houses. It is often a sign of a larger more serious problem and needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Preventing mould growth in homes is important as mould on walls can be a serious health hazard, leading to respiratory ailments, respiratory infections, as well as allergic reactions.

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