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Learn About Woodworm Identification & Treatment with Our Guidebook

Dealing with a suspected woodworm infestation can be complicated. Just trying to determine whether the infestation is still active or just a past case can require professional expertise. It is then necessary to identify exactly which species of woodworm (if any) is present before being able to decide the correct treatment method.

To help navigate the minefield of dealing with woodworm, Safeguard Europe has released a comprehensive 42 page guidebook. The Woodworm Identification & Treatment booklet covers all stages of the survey, identification and treatment process. Subjects covered in the book include:

  • What are woodworm?
  • Is there an active infestation?
  • Identifying different woodworm type
  • Appropriate treatment methods
  • Finding specialist timber treatment contacts

Introduction to Woodworm

What are woodworm?

Starting off our new guide introduces what Woodworm are, their life cycle, the various types that exist and their habitat.

Identifying Woodworm

Identifying different woodworm type

Learn to tell your Anobium punctatum from your Ernobius mollis. We cover the 8 most common types of beetle and lavae found in the UK and cover the types of timber they attack, the damage they cause, how to quickly identify and how to treat.

Finding Specialists

Finding specialist timber treatment contacts

If after reading our guide you’re unsure which woodworm species is affecting your timber or whether treatment is necessary, it is recommended to obtain a survey by an experienced timber treatment specialist.

Whether you are specifying a project for a customer or deciding how to deal with woodworm in your property, this guide brings the information you require together into one handy book. It can help you make an informed decision of what treatment methods to use or whether a specialist timber treatment contractor is required.

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