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Damp Houses

Most houses in the UK suffer from damp problems. Often the source of dampness is not obvious for the homeowner but visible signs of damp in houses can be found in the form of mould growth, efflorescence, and the peeling / blistering of wallpaper and paintwork. There are many signs of damp in houses. If visible, it is advised to thoroughly investigate the source of the problem.

For a thorough investigation of the source of dampness, a damp specialist should be consulted. Call us on 01403 210204 or submit an enquiry for contact details of damp surveyors in your area.

Damp in Houses

Dampness is often a problem in older houses. Modern houses, however, can also suffer from severe damp problems. Dealing with damp in houses is crucial, as damp houses can cause severe building damage, as well as serious health problems, particularly for infants and children, the elderly and those with a weakened immune system.

Call us on 01403 210204 or submit an enquiry for information on how to treat damp in your house.

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For more information call 01403 210204