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Green Membranes for Green Roofs

Multi-layer technology
Laying Oldroyd Xv Green during green roof construction
Multi-layer technology

Multi-layer Technology

Laying Oldroyd Xv Green during green roof construction

Oldroyd Xv Green

– Oldroyd’s new range of “green roof” membranes has been officially launched in the UK. The membranes feature Oldroyd’s unique multi-layer technology to produce a “greener” membrane for green roofs.

Each of the membranes is made up of three layers with the inner layer consisting of 50% recycled material. The outer layers are formed from a rubberised plastic, providing a safer low-slip working surface for contractors, and preventing the membrane from slipping (which is particularly important when constructing pitched green roofs).

The range consists of three membranes, each designed for different green roof types:

  • Oldroyd Xv Green – Drainage membrane with 6 mm studs. For pitched green roofs / turf roofs. Benefits from rubberised outer layer to reduce slip risk on pitched roofs.
  • Oldroyd Xv 20 GreenXtra – Perforated drainage membrane with 20 mm studs. For flat green roofs. Used in conjunction with Oldroyd Tp Filter Fleece.

Each of the membranes includes the quality benefits that are associated with the Oldroyd range of membranes. These include:

  • Oldroyd’s trademark ‘X’ pattern – makes the membrane easier to cut and fold around complex constructional details such as chimneys.
  • Temperature-controlled manufacturing process – to produce a perfectly straight membrane with no “rucking” or “banana-ing.”
  • Manufactured under an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • 50-year product guarantee
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For more information call 01403 210204