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Masonry Sealants

Water is one of the main causes of structural damages to buildings. Moisture ingress caused by climatic influences, groundwater or condensation can lead to cracks and frost damage, as well as algae, fungus and moss growth. Over the years, salt and lime efflorescence can occur and severely disfigure masonry. In addition penetrating rain can introduce dirt into masonry and result in visible staining of the walls.

A simple, long-lasting solution to protect masonry from penetrating damp is the use of a masonry sealant, like Stormdry. Masonry sealants protect walls against penetrating damp and thus prevent dirt and moisture ingress through rainwater.

Stormdry soaking into a wall over 24 hours

Brick wall absorbing Stormdry over a period of 24 hours

Stormdry in particular is a cream-based masonry sealant, which protects building materials for 25 years against penetrating damp – with just one coat. The cream is simply applied by brush or roller and penetrates into masonry over several hours. Whilst no alternation of the wall’s appearance occurs, internally the pore structure is being modified. This means that moisture ingress is being stopped while the breathability of the masonry is unaffected.

The cream based consistency of Stormdry eases the application of the product. Treated and untreated areas can easily be identified, while splashing and spillages are avoided due to the thick consistency.

Advantages of sealing masonry with Stormdry:

  • Cream-based, easy application without splashing or spilling
  • Retains breathability of masonry
  • 25 years protection, long-lasting UV-resistance
  • No alteration of appearances, no sheen

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