NOPE! Flea Killer Powder 300g
  • Safe to use on pet bedding
  • Naturally derived active ingredient
  • No harmful chemicals

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NOPE! Flea Killer Powder

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder held by a man with blue gloves beside an empty dog bed.

95% of fleas live in your home, not on your pet. This creates a vicious cycle that’s hard to break — you could eliminate all the flies from your cat or dog, only for them to totter back into bed and immediately pick up a new horde of nasties.

That’s why NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is formulated for use in pet bedding and around the home.

The broad-spectrum NOPE! pesticide kills on contact and establishes a 3-day barrier against flea infestations. The superfine powder reaches deeply into soft furnishings and carpets to attack every stage of the flea lifecycle.

Help! I can’t get rid of fleas!

Fleas live on cats and dogs, but their eggs lurk everywhere. Flea eggs aren’t sticky, so they fall off when pets scratch themselves to hide in floorboards, carpets, pet bedding or in the garden. 

You need NOPE! Flea Killer Powder in combination with consulting a vet to ensure your home furnishings are free from fleas and other bugs.

Step 1: Vacuum your way to success

Vacuuming pet bedding after NOPE! Flea Killer Powder use.

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against fleas.

Fleas love hiding at the bottom of deep pile carpets where they can be almost impossible to see. Flea eggs and cocoons fall off cats and dogs and tumble into the carpet where standard cleaning doesn’t always reach. Studies have found that 83% of juvenile fleas in the home live on carpets and only around 5% of fleas in the home are adults.

Carpets are all-you-can-eat buffets for juvenile fleas! They consume organic fibres as well as dead skin, hair and flea dirt.  Regularly vacuuming your home removes these food sources and helps to disrupt the flea lifecycle. Always empty the vacuum cleaner contents immediately into a black plastic bag, seal it and remove it from the home.

Using the vacuum cleaner introduces gentle vibrations into the home that triggers flea pupae to turn into adult fleas, where they will emerge to look for a host. The less flea pupae hiding deep within your carpets, the better your chances of overall success!

Step 2: Get fleas gone with a puff

A man with blue gloves shakes NOPE! Flea Killer Powder on to a dog bed

Remove your pet from the area, gently squeeze the puffer pack and shake it over the affected area. NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is HSE-registered for safe use around the home. It can be used in kitchen floors, carpets in any room, stairs, in doorways and anywhere you might find fleas.

Each puffer pack contains 300g of NOPE! Flea Killer Powder. Apply 10g per m² of floor space.

Did you know that fleas also like to hide in gardens? Look in wet and dark places like sheds, especially if your cat likes to roam around these areas.

They also naturally settle in long grass. Cut it down to size and apply Flea Powder at the boundary between patio and grass to keep the local flea population at bay.

Step 3: Clean-up and your flea treatment strategy

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder insect clean-up

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder gets to work immediately. Its residual effect lasts up to 72 hours. For maximum effectiveness, leave at least 24 hours before thoroughly vacuuming the area to remove all flea debris and the powder. As you did during preparation, always dispose of vacuum cleaner contents into a bin bag, seal it and remove it from the home.

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder cannot be used alone. While it works fantastically to remove fleas from the home environment, it cannot get rid of fleas on pets.

It works best in combination with these measures:


  • Consulting a vet to find an appropriate treatment for your pet
  • Regular pet grooming before entering the home after a walk
  • A regular vacuuming regimen across the whole home, paying special attention to areas frequented by pets
  • Regular washing of pet bedding and other affected soft furnishings on your washing machine hot setting

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