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Historic Church, Nottinghamshire – Reducing Heating Bills

The Long Eaton Baptist Church in Nottinghamshire is a brick-built church that dates back to the 1880s. Throughout the years, various additions were made to the building and a major reconstruction was carried out in 1955.

The Problem

Professional Stormdry contractor

Several of the older walls on the church building had begun to be affected by rain penetration. This had led to the appearance of damp patches, mould and a general musty and cold feeling in the building.

PCA-approved damp-proofing experts CK Walker were called-in to assess the problem. After a thorough survey, the problem was traced to deteriorated brickwork. The owner of CK Walker, Paul Walker, describes the survey process: “We noticed that the brickwork was showing signs of deterioration. I used the Stormdry Masonry Absorption Test Kit on the brickwork on the two sides of the church, which showed that the brickwork was very porous”.

The Solution

After a quick suitability assessment, Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream was chosen as the favoured solution for stopping rain penetration through the brickwork. Paul Walker explains the reasons for his decision: “In my opinion, Stormdry is ideal for this sort of project because it doesn’t change the appearance of the building in any way, is easy to apply and you can have complete confidence in it: you can come back, throw a bucket of water at the wall you’ve treated and see the water just bounce off”.

Applying Stormdry around the windows of the church

The church was also pleased with the effectiveness of the product and the subsequent reduction in heating bills, writing: “Not only would this treatment stabilize the remaining brickwork, but it will also stop rain penetration and help to insulate the building against heat loss”.

The BBA-approved Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream treatment will protect the walls of the church for 25 years with just a single coat. The breathable coating will preserve the appearance of the walls and allow any residual dampness to evaporate, keeping the church warm and dry for many years to come.

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