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Award-Winning Sustainable Basement Waterproofing with Oldroyd XV Eco White

Oldroyd XV Eco White has won the PCA Best Practice Award for the Sustainability category

Safeguard Europe has won the Sustainability Award at the Property Care Association’s 2019 Best Practice awards in recognition of the launch of the eco-friendly Oldroyd XV Eco White cavity drainage membrane. The award category is for companies who make significant steps to ‘go green’ and improve their environmental performance and reduce their impact on the planet.

Safeguard has debuted Oldroyd XV Eco White as part of a commitment to responsible manufacturing. The new membrane gives the same high-quality performance of previous Oldroyd membranes but with a more eco-friendly production process.

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No-Compromise Eco-Credentials

Oldroyd Xv Eco White is manufactured using eco-friendly production and delivery methods

Thanks to Oldroyd opening a new production facility with new processes, Oldroyd XV Eco membranes are produced with at least 98% renewable energy. They are also made using 50% recycled plastics, sourced from reclaimed fishing nets. This reduces the embodied carbon and also helps to keep our oceans clean.

If that wasn’t green enough, the membranes are delivered to the UK direct from the factory without doing any CO² intensive road miles through Norway or mainland Europe. This is due to the new Olroyd factory being situated directly at the port of Porsgrunn. The only road miles done before arriving at our UK dispatch facility are on the very short hop from Tilbury to Horsham.

No-Compromise Performance

We proudly supply Oldroyd membranes because of their high quality of production. They are manufactured in Norway under the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management systems. Oldroyd XV Eco White is subject to all the same controls and utilises Oldroyd’s proprietary Multi-Layer Technology to ensure no loss of performance.

All Oldroyd membranes are produced from high-strength polypropylene utilising a temperature-controlled manufacturing process. They are exceptionally straight and tough membranes that do not suffer from the “banana-ing” and “rucking” which can occur when installing cavity drainage membrane systems from competing manufacturers.

Coming Soon

Oldroyd XV Eco White membrane is coming soon. It will be supplied in standard 2.08 m x 20 m rolls. Make sure your next basement waterproofing project is eco-friendly and call us today on 01403 210204 to get information on prices, technical specification and supply.

For more information call
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