Oldroyd Xv Eco White Cavity Drainage Membrane
  • Produced with 98 - 100% renewable energy
  • 50% recycled material utilising discarded ocean plastic
  • Multi-layer technology ensures no-compromise high-performance

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Oldroyd Eco White

Oldroyd Eco White is an opaque studded cavity drainage membrane manufactured from a mix of virgin and recycled polypropylene and HDPE. It is specifically designed to manage the passage of moisture away from decorative surfaces on damp or contaminated internal walls and floors.

The percentage of recycled material and the renewable energy sources used during Oldroyd Eco White’s production make it an ideal option for environmentally friendly projects.

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No-Compromise Eco Credentials

Oldroyd Xv Eco White is manufactured using eco-friendly production and delivery methods

The melting and extrusion of plastic pellets to form a cavity drainage membrane is a very high energy process. In most production facilities this high energy usage produces a lot of CO². The Oldroyd production facility is powered using 98 – 100% renewable energy sources, drastically reducing CO² emission levels.

The process for producing virgin polypropylene and HDPE is far more energy-intensive than recycling existing. Each Oldroyd Eco White membrane is made using 50% recycled material. The recycled material is composed of discarded fishing nets recovered from the sea. This not only drastically reduces the amount of energy required to produce the membrane but also helps to improve the conditions of the marine environment.

To further reduce their impact on the environment, Oldroyd located their new production facility close to a seaport, this means that the number of road miles required to reach export markets is significantly reduced. For the purposes of calculating embodied carbon, sea miles typically emit between 10 – 25% of the amount of carbon emitted per road mile, meaning that Oldroyd membranes often embody less CO² than domestically produced membranes.

Versatile Application

A basement waterproofing specification utilising Oldroyd Xv Eco White

Oldroyd Eco White is ideal for application in both above-ground damp situations and for basement waterproofing scenarios. There are several basement waterproofing specification packs available that include Oldroyd membranes for different waterproofing scenarios.

Oldroyd Eco White is applied to walls and ceilings using Oldroyd Brick Plugs, which are special fixing plugs with a compression seal. For application to floors, no fixings are usually required. The white colour of Oldroyd Eco White makes for easier lighting conditions in enclosed spaces compared to other recycled membranes, which are often black.

On walls, Oldroyd Eco White can be covered with plasterboard using timber battens or the Fastframe Drylining System. On floors, a screed or a floating timber floor can be applied on top of Oldroyd Eco White.

No-Compromise Performance

Oldroyd has opened a newly built production facility with modern production processes specifically to manufacture Oldroyd Eco White. The heat-controlled production process produces highly consistent membrane thickness and density for uniform flexibility without the “banana-ing” or “rucking” problems presented by lower quality membranes.

Oldroyd’s Multi-Layer Technology (MLT) process allows the use of recycled plastic without compromising the physical properties of the membrane. The recycled material is sandwiched between two white layers of newly produced virgin material.

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