• Inhibits lime leaching
  • Non hazardous upon dilution
  • Easy to apply
  • BS 8102 compliant

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Drybase Lime Inhibitor Concentrate

When lime leaches out of untreated concrete, it clogs and obstructs cavity drainage waterproofing systems. Drybase® Lime Inhibitor Concentrate is a fresh concrete surface treatment that prevents Calcium Hydroxide, or free lime, from escaping concrete. Use with Type C structures like car parks and underground storage areas to prevent lime build-up from obstructing drainage systems and for general concrete maintenance. To ensure its suitability as a professional material, it is fully compliant with BS 8102.

Scientifically proven to halt calcium release

Release of Calcium Ions Over Time

Safeguard Europe has tested Drybase® Lime Inhibitor to reduce the amount of calcium released from a mortar block. Ensure the safety of your basement by keeping free lime away from the sump pump system. All fresh concrete structures benefit from preventing calcium release to protect against damage. Compatible with all fresh alkali concrete substrates.

Maintains a breathable surface

Drybase® Lime Inhibitor allows vapour to pass through basements and other underground structures. This has multiple benefits. Firstly, new basement walls are given the opportunity to dry out. Secondly, walls remain breathable to prevent condensation and damp. 

Water-based & non-hazardous for easy application

The non-hazardous formulation ensures safe and simple application. Just mix 1 part Drybase® Lime Inhibitor Concentrate with 9 parts water and apply with brush, roller or spray. Two coats locks lime in to protect drainage systems from damage. Available in easy to transport 500ml bottles.

Fully compatible with Drybase® Tanking Range

Drybase Range

Use with the Drybase® Tanking Range as part of a full waterproofing specification. Apply Drybase Universal Mortar, Drybase Tanking Slurry and Elasticised Tanking Slurry to maintain vapour permeability.

For more information call
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