NOPE Smoke Bombs 3½g plastic container
  • HSE registered for home use
  • Fast knockdown on flying and crawling insects
  • Non-sparking fuse
  • Solvent-free

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NOPE! Insect Killer Smoke Bombs

Lighting a NOPE! Smoke Bomb is easy

Insects. They hide everywhere. NOPE! Insect Killer Smoke Bombs hunt fleas, clothes moths, carpet moths, bed bugs and other crawling or flying insects wherever they hide. 

NOPE! Smoke Bombs contain a broad-spectrum insecticide that targets most crawling and flying insects. The perfect thing for giving your house the ultimate spring clean.

Available in a handy 4 pack, giving you more than enough to deal with multiple rooms of the house. One Smoke Bomb will treat a flea or bed bug infested room of up to 30m³.


Deal with the problem in one fell swoop

Some bugs are small, and we mean small. Fleas and other bugs have countless hiding spots around the home to choose from. Don’t waste time trying to spray insects where you see them. Let NOPE! Smoke Bombs eliminate all manner of creepy crawlies while you focus on the things that matter most to you.

Get rid of:

  • Fleas
  • Clothes moths and carpet moths
  • Bed bugs
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders and more

The benefits of smoke pest control 

The wide blue touch paper and non-sparking fuse ensure a controlled burn to give you peace of mind that the infestation is being dealt with safely. 

Unlike methods of pest control that require you to physically locate every single insect to properly deal with the problem, NOPE! Smoke Bombs seek out pests for you. The light, solvent-free smoke naturally settles under beds and through awkward cabinets. It reaches behind furniture, inside skirting boards and window seal cracks.

Vacuum. Seal. Smoke. Ventilate.

A man opens NOPE! Insect Killer Smoke Bombs

Thoroughly vacuum the room prior to treatment to open up carpet fibres and allow the smoke to penetrate throughout the room. Immediately empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner into a bin bag, seal it securely and remove it from the home. This is to ensure that any insects present in the bag cannot infest the home again.

Seal the room to be treated as much as you physically can. Close all doors and windows, close ventilation vents, any cause of a draught and temporarily block any fireplaces. Remove all people, plants and pets (including fish) from the room. Remove any foodstuffs and dining equipment like utensils and plates. Cover food contract surfaces and any water storage tanks.

Place each NOPE! Smoke Bomb to be used on a fireproof surface. Use a disused oven tray or a disused tin lid. Tear off the tag, remove the container tag and lift the fuse. Starting with the furthest distance from the exit, light each NOPE! Smoke Bomb in sequence and firmly close the door to the room. Wait at least 2 hours, then re-enter the room.

Open all windows, doors, and any other draught exclusion action for at least 30 minutes before occupying the room. The empty Smoke Bomb can be thrown away in general waste. Use a dust pan and brush to remove all dead insects and debris. After 7 days, vacuum the room again. This allows the smoke to settle in skirting board, wall and window cracks and crevices to treat any insects that may be living inside. Regular repeat treatments are recommended to ensure complete pest elimination.

For more information call
01403 210204