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  • Kills the Queen. Kills the nest.
  • Refillable & reusable
  • Effective in the home or garden
  • Ant gel effective with UK ant species

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NOPE! Ant Killer Reusable Bait Stations and Baited Ant Gel


Conquer ant infestations with NOPE! Ant Killer Reusable Bait Station and Ant Bait Gel, a mess-free and waste-conscious alternative to disposable bait stations or ant powder.

The versatile design can be used inside the home or out in the garden. Its innovative design provides wide entry and exit points to entice ants to pass through. The included removable garden spike secures the bait station firmly to the grass. For indoor use, peel the protective backing off the adhesive pad to stick the bait station cleanly to any surface. 

When the bait station runs empty, refilling is easy with our specially formulated gel.

The bait station can be easily washed and stored between uses, ensuring convenience and longevity.

Syringes are available separately.

Treats the whole nest


NOPE! doesn’t stop at the worker ants – Baited Ant Gel targets the entire nest for complete eradication. NOPE! Baited Ant Gel contains a pesticide that works by delaying action until it has been distributed throughout the colony. Worker ants tirelessly share the Baited Ant Gel to reach all stages of the ant lifecycle, including the larvae. Eventually, the Queen ingests the gel, putting an end to the ant colony for good. While you may notice a decrease in ant activity after a week, complete colony elimination can take up to three weeks.

Refilling the NOPE! Ant Killer Reusable Bait Station is easy and simple. Use the easy-to-use syringe to safely fill the station with the bait gel, ensuring a contactless household pest control experience. To further safeguard against accidental ingestion by pets and children, the bait station can be securely closed. NOPE! Ant Killer Baited Gel is also treated with Bitrex, the bitterest substance in the world. It immediately induces a spitting reaction in pets and humans, ensuring that if worst comes to worst, none of the bait is accidentally ingested. 

For tricky areas like skirting boards or paving cracks, NOPE! Ant Killer Baited Gel can also be used alone. Simply draw a small bead of Gel along known ant paths and let the ants collect the bait. Each syringe contains six doses of gel, perfect for multiple smaller infestations or a full treatment for one large ant nest. Finally reach those elusive ants that hide in hard-to-reach areas like skirting boards and paving cracks.

Defend against Common UK Ants

NOPE! Ant Killer Baited Gel combats the most common UK ant species. It works wonders against:

  • The Black Garden Ant, which can become a nuisance during the spring and summer seasons. 
  • The Argentine Ant, known for its aggressive nest expansion and the damage it inflicts on electrical wiring.
  • The Pharaoh Ant, who likes to infest warm buildings with colonies housing multiple queens.

Say NOPE! to the ant menace

Place NOPE! Reusable Ant Bait Stations near ant nests for maximum effectiveness.

By deploying multiple bait stations, you can swiftly reach the entire nest, including the elusive Queen Ant. Observe the ants’ movement in your home and place a bait station in each area with frequent ant activity. Remember to remove all food sources from floors and garden areas, sweep up crumbs and pick up uneaten pet food off the floor. Maximize coverage by placing bait stations both indoors and outdoors.

Upgrade your ant control game with the NOPE! Ant Killer Reusable Bait Station and Baited Gel to experience the power of complete nest eradication.

For more information call
01403 210204