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Out Now: New NOPE! Range

NOPE! Smoke Bombs and Flea Killer Powder

Fix fleas as well as other crawling and flying insects with new NOPE! Flea Killer Powder and NOPE! Insect Killer Smoke Bombs.

Rid your home of fleas to break the cycle of pet infestation or get a one-shot whole room treatment for common UK crawling and flying insects.

Each new product adds a valuable tool to your home pest control arsenal, enabling you to say NOPE! to even more beasties!

The full NOPE! range is available now at Safeguard Store.

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder

Did you know that 95% of fleas live in your home, not on your pet? 

NOPE! Flea Killer Powder contains chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract; an ancient pesticide with potent anti-flea power.

Safe to use on pet bedding, carpets, cushions and anywhere pets frequent. Simply vacuum, shake and vacuum again to keep your home flea-free.

As well as fleas, NOPE! Flea Killer Powder is effective against ants, cockroaches, silverfish and other crawling insects.

NOPE! Insect Killer Smoke Bombs

Get into the places sprays can’t reach with NOPE! Insect Killer Smoke Bombs; a highly effective, ready-to-use solution for flying and crawling insect elimination.

The fast-acting treatment only requires you to leave the room for 2 hours and boasts residual action for up to 12 weeks.

Not just for bedrooms and living rooms, NOPE! Insect Killer Smoke Bombs are suitable for most dry enclosed spaces like basements, lofts, garages and empty greenhouses.

Available in a handy 4-pack to treat multiple rooms.

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